Fall Status Report

Published on Saturday, October 8, 2005 By Brad Wardell In Society News

Society development continues forward though at a bit of a slower pace as more and more resources are put into getting Galactic Civilizations II completed by end of year.

The team has been working to get in 10 scenarios that will act as both a tutorial and as a basic "this is what people do when they play Society".

For example, your Socians have problems.  As ruler, you will want to solve those problems.  So one scenario is to solve 5 problems of a particularly chosen Socian.  Problems include not having access to clean water, wanting more entertainment, wanting some sort of good, wanting lower crime, that kind of thing.  It's nothing that extravagant but it demonstrates that different people will have different wants depending on where in your society the person lives.

What we're focusing on first is the single player, single map aspect of the game.  We know we have to make sure that part of the game is nailed down tight. 

Once we do that, we turn the single map into a multiplayer experience.

And then after that, we place those single maps into the overall realm of a world.  That's where things like your royal family and such will come into play.

Gameplay, thus far, reminds me a little bit of a cross between Simcity and Caesar 3.  That's because the military aspects haven't been added in and we're still playing around with that kind of thing. 

Once GalCiv II is out the door, the team will return to full power again and we'll be looking to bring in more developers and artists to help work on it.  We also need more database and ASP/ASP.net coders incidentally.